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On Thursday we had the joy and great opportunity of listening to a talk given by Professor Anil Kumar. David, myself and Diane Ness, a long time Sai Devotee and teacher at the Childrens Project Trust (CPT) School, attended the lecture. Also in attendance were four of the students from the CPT. The talk was given at a conference hall on the Main Road associated with HDFC Bank. Here are some (paraphrased) excerpts of this illuminating lecture.

Professor Kumar arrived emanating that wonderful gusto and enthusiasm that is so characteristic of him. He commented on the small group of people comparing our satsangh to a jewelry shop where there is usually a small number of people at a time - as opposed to a fishmarket where one sees the common masses.

Professor Kumar related that a lot of devotees are asking "what's next?" - referring to Swami's departure from the physical form. He said up until now our only sadhana has been

  • darshan having vision of the Lord
  • sparshan receiving touch of the Lord
  • sambhashan hearing Lord's voice

Later he added also time, space, roopa and nama of the Lord.


All our sadhana and activities have been built on this multilevel foundation. Now this is not available and this multilevel building is collapsing. The reason being is that we have not gone into the depths of spirituality and we have no personal sadhana. All our outer activity is gone. There is no chance to receive a ring from Swami, the false image has been removed. Only the ego remains.

Ramakrishna said spiritual ego is more dangerous than worldly ego. With the worldly ego the fault is noticeable. It is seen, felt and experienced. But with spiritual ego our fault is not noticed. This is more predominant in Puttaparthi than in other countries. Foreign countries did not depend on the physical form as much. Their connection with Swami was more spiritual. Especially in South America where the spirituality is very high. Not so in Puttaparthi - the connection was totally physical. What to do about this? The earlier this is noticed the better is the chance to become more spiritually connected.

Mr. Kumar shook his head and pointed to himself saying, “Starting with me ! I am not playing the role of Guru. We all transform together.” What does it mean to be spiritual. Spirituality is one – The One without a second - consciousness, awareness, eternal, unpolluted, ever living, deathless, birth-less. Divine consciousness, that is the only reality, beyond time and space. Where is it every time, all the time.

During the talk Mr. Kumar gazed lovingly at the CPT students and commented on their attentiveness and clear, comprehensive responses to questions he asked them. He encouraged Diane and me to write a summary of the lecture so that the children would have something to help them remember the spiritual knowledge being offered to them. He said he never expected to see children at his talk, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Mr. Kumar continued referring to Divine consciousness as the only reality. Why don't I know that ? I do not know that because I am that. I am talking to you, Seeing comes when there is the other, so does talking and hearing. When there is no other, no second – I am only here, nobody is here. If I talk now I end up in the mental hospital. We all chuckled at that comment. Divinity is One without a second. Nobody to see or talk to. What to do? Be aware of that. All are only forms and names. Divinity has no specific form, yet many forms. What is God ? –All forms. God is only one in everyone, that is spirituality this unity, this oneness. Multiplicity is physical, be aware of that.

There is only the One in everyone with no beginning or end, not born neither dead. Sri Sathya Sai knows that He is everywhere as Cosmic Consciousness, non duality, advaitha. How can we know this divine consciousness? Through our senses we experience the objective world. Which is the outside world. How can we experience the inner world? In this regard the senses are useless. To know this divine consciousness we must meditate.

What happens in meditation. In meditation we close off the senses. The senses are cut off from the outer world. When the curtain is raised the drama begins. When the curtain drops there is no more drama. Now the inner experience begins.

The mind is still there. It goes on thinking about the past, the future and so on. The mind keeps roaming about. So the mind needs to be arrested. The mind like a dog needs to be tied to a post. The post is the name and form of God. And the rope that ties the mind is the concentration on the name and form of God. Use any name and form you like, it does not matter to God. Then what happens? The mind starts crying, but after sometime it gets tired and falls asleep. The mind is at rest, there are no thoughts. When the mind is at rest, it is thought-less. This is meditation.

Through the senses we communicate with the outside world. We can communicate our feelings to others. In spirituality there is no other and we experience communion within. We go beyond the senses in spirituality and experience communion with the One without a second.

Mr. Kumar gave an example. When there is a fire, we need a bucket and water to put out the fire. We need to take action. If we wait until tomorrow the whole place will be reduced to ashes.


Similarly, after Swami left there was a fire accident, a spiritual earthquake, a psychological tsunami. Our faith and confidence was burnt and shaken. We can only come out of this through self-inquiry. Self inquiry is urgently needed. Self inquiry will put out the fires of confusion, doubts, hopelessness.


Mr. Anil Kumar gave another example. He described the village processions with the huge models of particular characters. These characters have a person operating inside them. Until we know that they are not real there is fear, once we know who is inside of them we are no longer afraid.


Self inquiry is the bucket, meditation is the water that will put out the fire of sensuality, duality and confusion. May Baba help us go deeper in our meditation, expanding into the One without a second.


Professor Kumar concluded his talk and graciously took photos with the children and the devotees in attendance.

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Swami zei dat "Sai Bhajana Bina" de krachtigste Bhajan is. De Pink Twins gingen op onderzoek uit en ontdekten dat deze bhajan de essentie van de leringen van Swami bevat.


Sai Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi

Hari Nama Bina Ananda Nahi

Prema Bhakti Bina Uddhara Nahi

Guru Seva Bina Nirvana Nahi

Sai Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi

Japa Dhyana Bina Samyoga Nahi

Prabhu Darasha Bina Prajnana Nahi

Daya Dharma Bina Satkarma Nahi

Bhagan Bina Koi Apana Nahi

Sai Nam Bina Paramatma Nahi


De engelse versie van de Twins :

Without singing to the Lord there's no peace or happiness

without praising His name there's no feeling of bliss

without love and devotion we never will be free

without service to Him no salvation can there be

without singing to the Lord there's no peace or happiness

we find union with Him when our minds are at rest

the best wisdom is seeing the Lord everywhere

the most righteous of deeds shows compassion and care

there is no one as near and as dear as the Lord

He is present in all and in all can be adored.

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